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re: How I Approach Whiteboard Interviews VIEW POST

re: One thing I personally do is write out test cases, which you alluded to with your inputs and outputs. I go through and write out all of the test ca...

I usually write in cursive and yes, it is hard to focus on writing nicely vis a vis writing clean code on a whiteboard.

Thank you for the tip about test cases, and you're right to factor them in. An actual at-work downfall of mine is not crash-testing enough (that is a longer/different conversation though). I suppose I can also clarify what types of input might appear as sometimes, checking for type or null is a bit redundant.

My least favourite of the tests are hacker rank or Euler project style ones... (the ones with questions that are difficult to understand without a background in advanced math, and usually it's a test that hr throws me before the initial phone screening or interview. It's frustrating because where I could otherwise attempt to problem solve by understanding the question, I can't do anything. Then again, being exposed to those kinds of questions forced me to learn what binary trees or logarithms were)


I am in the same boat...I dropped out of university to become an EMT so my formal CS education is a bit lacking. I'm pretty terrible with data structures and algorithms, and since I am job hunting right now, having to force feed myself large amounts of info on the subject :/

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