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re: Front End Javascript, Angular, React, etc, what and where to start with? VIEW POST


Do you need a framework? I'm also a junior FED and as I started learning JS through Angular 1.x, I never really knew that one could write a single-page-app sans framework. It is much harder, but I can see the point in not bloating up a website by installing a whole framework and using multiple dependencies, also improving performance if you are building a small site with no need for user logins, live updates of content or databasing. Then a year later, they rewrote the entire language and I hate it! Time to try a new framework, but I still don't know how to javascript well.

I've had a lot of conflicting advice from senior devs of different backgrounds. Are you coding for fun or for industry? The "all fun" side of me would try the frameworks out and see which has the highest learning gradient vs the industry-oriented side of me would feel driven to try writing a small project in vanilla JS. However the latter might be so offputting as a starter I just might as well start with a wee demo project like a to-do list or a shoutbox.

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