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re: What should production CSS look like? Share your layout-to-web workflow VIEW POST

re: For your specific questions, see below. I'll post another comment for your other points. :) Sometimes I get mobile designs, sometimes I just have...

"SASS and BEM solve problems but they don't" – I feel this way too. Maybe my projects currently doesn't have such a variety of templates/views. I've never had to create something with logins, accounts, dashboards and so many bells and whistles yet. In which case, I really could see scoped or SASS working out. I like the nesting in SASS but it seems counterintuitive to BEM. These kinds of things are confusing and at the moment I guess whatever works doesn't hurt, but I could see it being a leg up in a job app.


I've worked on a few big applications in vanilla CSS and while I wouldn't be able to say how it would have turned out with SASS, I didn't really have a problem building it.

Obviously YMMV but I think the approach to take is having clean and concise CSS, broken apart in separate files where it makes sense. This can be achieved without needing something like SASS.

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