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And I thought i was having a hard time as I don't have a CS degree or good logic for that matter! Like you I can't seem to find a job where coding is a significant portion of my work.

Applying for jobs is rough. I am totally not surprised no one responds and this seems to be the norm to me. I think of job-hunting like online dating. People write a description, might meet face to face after some copious screening, and then ghost.

But I did get one soft dev offer before. I've never built projects that no one has done before, but it had never hurt for there to be a bunch of things to show off on github. I'm usually not able to pass the tests but I did them to get a sense of what the questions would be. I figure if I keep running into the fire, I'll get used to the hoops. Currently I am not capable of writing whole apps independently, without asking someone else when I am blocked. People are usually charmed by how excited I am and the small scale I want my projects to work at. Worse comes to worse, I can do emails and Photoshop ...but what a bore. This is my second career and unfortunately despite not being as sharp as peers I realize there isn't anything else I enjoy doing, so I aim to be perfectly mediocre.

If I can throw anything useful out here... I guess I got my foot in working at a digital ad agency. Many of them want people who know many digital tools and languages to churn out landing pages/maintain wordpresses/automate processes. They might not support best practices and may not pay as well as tech companies, and they also might not be as rigorous because tight deadlines lead to corner-cutting... but there's definitely a lot of different things to do in that environment. :)

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