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Discussion on: "How good am I?" Reflections on 5th year designer-developer doldrums

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jen chan Author

There is no "missing" a technical curve. There is only ongoing and incremental growth through taking the time to study and improve yourself :D

As a career switcher working amongst juniors/new grads I feel like I'm more comfortable with how I am, less afraid to look dumb when I don't know something, and I've accepted the possible size of the mountain in front of me. As in, I'm in less of a rush to prove myself, because I'm always going to have to prove myself... the best kind of proving is not to try do everything and all at once, as I've since learned that's a disaster.

The unfortunate shift in the last 10 or 5 years is that we're in an extremely stack-based hiring market, and bootcamps create outsized expectations of what CS grads and bootcamp grads already know. Couple that with the fact very few workplaces invest in mentoring or rearing talent anymore. Experience of working in teams and critical thinking still counts for a lot...

Like Tanya mentioned in her article... it is scary to pursue what you want to do especially if we don't believe we're good at it and much easier to go for a safer option or the option that people think you're good at. I've shot myself in the foot by taking lesser-than jobs and responsibilities before that slowed my own growth into the titles or tasks I wanted, but also tried to make the most of those experiences to assess what professional measures and patterns are in software engineering.

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