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Discussion on: My Experience with Coding Boot Camp

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jen chan

Thanks so much for writing this. It wasn’t the first time I coded when I did a bootcamp at Brainstation in Toronto as the third cohort in 2016, and I came away with very similar impressions. I would have much rather have had a very thorough drill through JS and design patterns than tutorials. Trilogy later approached me with a job posting after I was out 2 years. I have to say, it’s taken me 4 years to get the type of work I want (In between accepting tech jobs like support and emails that I was overqualified for, and jumping into startups that required a pedigree unicorn that led to failure). Keep applying and working on it!

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Sarah Beecroft Author

Thank you! I couldn't find any articles like this one I was looking at boot camps and I really would have appreciated more honest insight. So it makes me happy to hear others can relate. Good luck to you.

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