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Jelle Glebbeek
Hello there! I'm Jelle Glebbeek also known as jely2002. Based in The Netherlands. I love developing in Java and web related languages.
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When covid19 hit my country, I got bored pretty fast. So I decided to start a new project to boost my JavaScript skills and learn Electron. I really wanted to make something usefull and easy to use. Thats how I came up with the idea to use the quite popular library youtube-dl and Electron, to create an application that allows its users to easily download YouTube videos and later on playlists.

Of course I knew that there are a lot of other GUI's for youtube-dl. But they are not always as easy to use. They quite often have bad designs as well. Thats why I decided to create my own little GUI.


To start off this project I followed the 'Get Started' tutorial from Electron. After that I started designing the interface with Bootstrap. While I was designing the interface I was slowly adding the code behind it as well.

The next step was adding the ability to download playlists, this was a real challenge for me, because I had to work with async events in JavaScript. Something I had never done before. After a lot of StackOverflow I found a good way to do it, and it worked great!

The last thing I did was adding error handling and streamlining the application.

Did I learn anything?

Hell yes, I learned a lot during this project. I learned new JavaScript functionalities, Electron, how to efficiently deploy software and most important: I learned how to solve complex problems using code!


Want to check my code for yourself or try the application?

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pavelloz profile image
Paweł Kowalski

I would say the biggest drawback is electron which means it will be 100MB for a "hello world".

I think there is a target group for that, but my performance oriented nature cant stand hundrets of MB for a GUI adapter ;))

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Jelle Glebbeek Author

This application is much more focused on people that are not that skilled with a PC, and have no idea how to even run a CLI application. But still want to be able to download YouTube playlists without having to visit ad-bloated websites.

And as I stated this was also really just an excercise for myself, that I'm proud of.

idmah profile image
idmah • Edited

Does you GUI support password protected videos?
Why isn't it working with Vimeo, or another service?
Does it actually check the URL sources?
Also I'm willing to give up the memory for a pretty face and ease of use! Hahah!

jely2002 profile image
Jelle Glebbeek Author

Hi, idmah! Password protected videos can now be downloaded using your web browsers cookies. Check out the tutorial!

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Jelle Glebbeek Author • Edited

Sadly not yet, I will take a look into it. Thanks for the idea! It has URL checking for youtube, so it only works with youtube.

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Rider Hoed

Could you add "Open Last Download Folder" or "Open Downloaded File" at last dialogue?
Sometimes, I just forget where I download

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Jelle Glebbeek Author

This feature has been implemented since version 1.6.0 (out of my head). Sometimes it doesn't work but most of the times it does (still improving it). Enjoy!

seoulsword profile image

can This software download private youtube videos that are not mine?

I need to download Youtube video that turned private but I did watch it already and I need them