Udacity Interface Plug-in: Remove the after-video 5 second wait and indefinitely hide the sidebar.

jelizaga3gatech profile image jelizaga3-gatech ・1 min read

Annoying 5 second countdown timer
Sidebar reappearing

Were you slightly annoyed by this?

We're here to fix that! See it in action.

Get the code here: https://gist.github.com/jelizaga3-gatech/15ddf81af264018c3fd2a92b478cc624/


  • Option 1:
    How to install #1

  • Option 2:
    Download the html file and open it in your browser. Then, drag the hyperlink to the bookmarks bar.

How to install #2

To disable the plugin, refresh the page.

Watching Udacity videos just got infinitely better.


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