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I worked as a developer for almost two years and I have learned many things inside-out in my workplace and what will be the proper approach for every problem when it arrives. One of the most important things I learned these days is to debug your program without breaking others’ codes. Yes I am working with the team of programmers and one of the tasks is to fix the problem that appears in the system.

Assigning to fix the bug in the system is pretty easy for me: Just ready the code; look for the problem; then debug it and I am done. But there’s a circumstance after you fix the specific problem, another will appear and after you fixed it, another one will also appear. This is the effect of fixing the specific problem and the debugger do not care for the other part that will affect the part of the system.

The bottom line here is don’t just debug the specific problem but you need also to run a test if the other side of the system is affected or your solution made a conflict to the other side of the system BEWARE!

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