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My Dev Journey # 2

Image by Mediamodifier from Pixabay

Last month, I posted about restarting my web dev journey with a clear goal to get a full time front-end web developer job.

With consistency and dedication, I was able to press on! Here's a screenshot of my Github contribution:

Image description

I faced challenges and trials that almost caused me to give up again. But hey! I overcame them all by the grace of God. I coded and labor to understand difficult concepts sometimes with little amount of time daily.

I am inspired by difference posts here and from Most of all, my family is my motivation and my responsibility to provide for them by God's grace.

There are still javaScript concepts that I am trying to get around my head. But I'll press on. I created projects, though not yet complete, based on the concepts that I learned from Florin Pop's tutorial on YouTube.

Here are some projects that I created. They are few and simple but I worked hard with the ability that I have and skills that I've learned.

My Event Timer
View here.
View here.

Vocabulary app
View here.


This coming month, I like to create more and improve the apps that I created. Please, be patient with my posts. And I would appreciate comments that would really help me improve as a web developer and programmer.

As a Christian, I also write blogs about the goodnews. If you are interested, please read here: The Glorious Gospel

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