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Mastering Responsive Layout

Responsive layout has always been my struggle. But not until I dived into it with the help of Kevin Powell and WesBos.

I have finished a 21-day challenge on responsive layout with Kevin Powell. He has provided a lot of helpful resources to the dev community and I definitely benefited from it. You can visit his YouTube channel here.

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His course focuses on using Flexbox and he promotes mobile first since most of the difficulty in responsive layout comes from here. It set a lesson per day so you can get to focus on a particular topic that you need to learn. So it will really be a 21-day challenge. You can view my final project here.

The second course is from WesBos and it is about CSS Grid. You can sign up here.

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He talked about CSS Grid fundamentals and how to apply it in a full website project. Before, I really don't know when and how to apply it in a project, but his course gives me courage to implement it as needed. He also gives tips in choosing between flexbox and grid. There's a lot in the course since you'll get your hands dirty in doing some projects. Check out my final project here.

Take the courses above and for sure, you will have a strong grasp in mastering responsive layout by God's grace.

To God be the glory!

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