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What's your favourite game engine and why?

Unity, Unreal, Roblox Studio or other.
Which is you're favourite and why?

Looking forward to your reply's and conversing with you in the comments!

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My favorite is one that I don't use it anymore, Flixel, it was the first one I learned and was love at first sight, I tried moving to HaxeFlixel but then I found Godot which is now racing to the favorite title.

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Theo • Edited

Interesting, I'd never heard of Flixel before so looked it up and while it seems fairly basic with a few cool features I love the idea it's completely open source on github. I'll keep it in my to do list, thank you for sharing.

I've heard of Godot but never actually got round to using it myself and from what I can see it looks like a great engine, I'll be sure to check it out.

What do you like/dislike about Godot, why'd you choose it over other well known engines and what caused you to move away from HaxeFlixel?

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Godot is also opensource; Honestly, the change from HaxeFlixel happened because Godot suited my needs better, after following a few tutorials it just felt easier to build the kind of small games I like to experiment with.
Setting up the environment was also a big plus since Godot is self-contained so no install needed.

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Arnaud Morisset

I find Godot really interesting. Its main features fix all the pain points I found in other game engines.

  • VCS friendly, conflicts inside scene are easy to merge.
  • A nice scripting language, no need to use a syntax-heavy OOP language (but C# is available if you want).
  • 2D system which works with pixel coordinates (and no needs to use a complete physics system if you don't want to).
  • Good UX and "feeling" when using the UI.
  • The team behind it have a no-nonsense approach: focus on UX, no dependency hell, community-driven, etc.
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I use Godot too. I like the tree based organisational system it uses. Games can get complicated and messy if you're not careful, and being able to save a section out to a separate file makes creating things a lot more straight forward. Makes re-using pieces of code in another project simple too.

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Jérôme Gully

Godot also for me. Arnaud Morisset has very well resume why !