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Open-Source - I love it

So, a couple of days ago I faced a problem. My OwnCloud installation, running on a Raspberry Pi, did not work any longer after the latest update. I could not upload or sync any data, anymore: Not enough space on the server! Huh?

Long story short, Problem was that OwnCloud does not officially support 32 Bit, only 64 Bit operation systems. I do run it on a Raspi 4, but only the Kernel is 64 Bit because I upgrade the running System from a previous installation on a Raspi 3.

Anyway, folks from all over the world had the same problem. Some found a quick workaround and ultimately, after only a couple of days, the good guys from OwnCloud came up with a fix, though they officially do not support 32 Bit!

I always enjoy this 'energy' when people from all over the world come together to exchange ideas, work together and produce something valuable. I don't know anyone of them, have not met them but the synergy is there, anyway. And that's always the same, not matter in what issue or pull request I am involved. May it be OwnCloud, Kubernetes, Vim or others.

It simply feels great!

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