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Cluster clusterfuck

If you have gained some experience in Kubernetes, then you definitely know that debugging distributed systems is .... a beast.

So, here are some short picks that I came across administrating my own cluster where all nodes are virtual machines running via KVM/QEMU.

Time management

Make sure all your nodes have a correct time. Chrony is a good choice for that. That is even more true, when your nodes are virtual machines, and you have snapshots that your can revert back to. After such a revert, time will be a mess. So, make sure your time is accurate, to the millisecond!

Overlay networks

In my cluster, I use project Calico. It works fine, but it seems it has some problems after reverting the cluster back to a previous state. Even after a time synchronization, I still - especially with Rook Ceph - encountered some weired scenarios where some Pods could not communicate correctly. So, I always run kubectl -n calico-system delete pods -l k8s-app=calico-node. This will delete all Calico Node-Pods. After a minute they should have been recreated. Solved a lot of mysterious issues for me!


So, time was right, network refreshed and still, I faced some issues with e.g. the Jaeger operator. It complained there was no route to ingress-nginx-controller-admission service. I then killed the ingress controller Pod. After it got recreated, the Jaeger operator found the route to ingress-nginx-controller-admission service but now complained about an invalid X509 certificate (signed by unknown authority).

This can be fixed by taking the CA data from the nginx admission secret, and patching it into the nginx validating web hook. 12

# adjust to your namespace

CA=$(kubectl -n $ns get secret ingress-nginx-admission -ojsonpath='{}')

kubectl patch validatingwebhookconfigurations ingress-nginx-admission -n $ns --type='json' -p='[{"op": "add", "path": "/webhooks/0/clientConfig/caBundle", "value":"'$CA'"}]'

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After any reset or revert to a previous state, I do all of the above. That is, I force a time synchronization on every node, refresh the Calico network by deleting all Calico Pods with labels equal to app=calico-node, I delete the Ingress controller Pod and patch it afterwards.



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