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Quake-style Sliding Console

Bored with your plain, old cmder console? This tutorial will show you how to add some retro Quake-style flavor to it!



A cmder installation with default settings.

Background image

Let's start by adding the Quake console background image. Download the image from here. Open up the settings dialog and go to General->Background. Check Background image and set the path to the image you just downloaded with Placement Stretch.


The next step is to download the Quake font in order to add some more visual flavor. You can get it from here. Install the font and go to General->Fonts and set Main console font to Quake1.

Slide down

Now we will add the slide down behavior from Quake and similar games. Go to General->Quake style and check Quake-style slide down and Always on top. Set Frame width to 0 to hide the borders around the console window.

Go to Keys & Macro and select Minimize/Restore (Quake-style hotkey also). Click the Choose hotkey field and press the tilde key (or whichever one your prefer). Make sure nothing is selected in the dropdown menus after Choose hotkey (such as Ctrl or Shift).

Finishing touches

Go to Features->Status bar and uncheck Show status bar. Go to General->Tab bar and check Don't show. The settings button will be hidden now, but you can access settings through Win+Alt+P.

Don't forget to save your new settings!


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