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Discussion on: Stay alert

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Jean Kaplansky

Wait… I thought the whole point of the WhatWG was to get pave cowpaths and enforce the central tenant: “don’t break the web.”

“Don’t break the web” is often touted as one of the primary reasons for the failure of XML or even XHTML to thrive as markup for the web.

Why is it OK for a browser engine team to decide that it’s OK to break the web without going through living standards working groups to do so?

I know. Preaching to the choir. I’m over the whole XML/XHTML failure to thrive thing. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t call the blink team out on what their predecessors set in motion about making sure the web continues to function regardless. They can’t just gut the engine when they feel like it - or if they do then they’re no less draconian than the validating XML parser that bothered them so much back in the mid-oughties.