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MyClient very good client to Mysql

MyClient is a tool to Mysql of auto-completion, look this:

Install Ubuntu:

Step 1: type to install mycli

sudo aptitude install mycli

Next Step 2: type this to in client

mycli -uroot

Version: 1.5.2
Thanks to the contributor - Ted Pennings
mysql root@localhost:(none)> 

First Last one Step: Look at this picture to select the database:

alt text

Last one Step: Look this picture to make query select table:

alt text

See soon !!

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Nice, I read your post, checked something and found out the people behind mycli are the same behind my favorite client for postgresql: pgcli.

Apparently they developed a client for MySQL, for PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server and others at - all in Python

I wonder how much code they share!