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Google Play to F-Droid Migration & Setup of Termux, Termux:Tasker, & Termux:Styling

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Situation: you have a bunch of Tasker stuff that depends on Google Play Termux, which is no longer updated. You need migrate to F-Droid Termux. What to do?

If you're setting up Termux for the 1st time, skip to the next section.

  1. If anything you use Termux for depends on commands that do not ship with the base installation or you have scripts that exist only in Termux's home folder, back up your Termux. You may have to ask about these at the official subreddit or check their packages list. If all the commands you use are in the base installation, skip this step
  2. Uninstall all your existing Termux apps


  1. Install the F-Droid counterparts of the Google Play Termux apps removed in the previous section
  2. If you want Termux to be able to interact with /sdcard and expandable storage, grant it storage permissions:
    1. Open Termux
    2. Run termux-setup-storage
    3. Tap Allow in the ensuing pop-up
  3. If you previously backed up your Termux, follow the instructions at the backup instructions link above to restore your backup
  4. If you have external scripts you want to run in Tasker, import them by running cp /sdcard/SourceFolder/ ~/.termux/tasker/ in Termux
  5. To allow Tasker to execute Termux commands, enable Tasker's Termux permission:
    1. Enter Android Settings
    2. Tap Apps
    3. Tap Tasker
    4. Tap Permissions
    5. Tap Additional permissions
    6. Tap the Allow radio button

And that's it. If you have existing Tasker Termux tasks and toggles they should work now.

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