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Starting out learning to code with flatiron online coding boot-camp.

On October 10th, 2022 I started the flex-software-engineer program at flatiron school. Wow! I just want to say how amazing the present can be. One day I woke up and asked myself if what I was doing was worth it? Was I making a difference and enjoying my craft? As fast as I could make the decision to switch career paths I was on my way to learning to code.

After researching several online coding boot-camps that could work around my current career I finally chose flatiron school. This was the best choice I have made, and although I am only a week into the program, I can say that this school sets you up for success. You immediately have access to a pre-work program that sets you up with a solid foundation.

During the pre-work I learned the basis of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. You are also given a step by step process to make sure the device you are using is ready for the program by installing Visual Studios to helping you first discover how to use GitHub. I am well on my way and will be posting about my experience as often as I can.

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