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Daily coding exercises to build momentum?

Looking for suggestions for some "warm up" type coding tasks that are good for 20-60 minutes a day to practice just writing code. Not solving algorithmic arithmatic or CS problems, but actually building quick little widgets to keep me writing actual code.

For me, kata-style practice is like waking up and doing 100 pushups then a 200m sprint before even brushing my teeth. Too much too soon and not conducive to the type of routine I want to build. What I need to do is develop the momentum to put me in a place where I know enough of the language (MERN stack in my case) to be able to focus on the meat of a problem without immediatly wanting to look at the solution because I can't think of how to actually write a solution.

I'm trying to come up with enough quick little projects to keep my fingers on the keys instead of just bookmarking articles I forget to read on I'm not necessarily looking for larger projects like "Build a Trello Clone" or "Create a ToDo List", etc, because I have projects on the horizon I will be doing for class work. I just want to start small and simple.

How do you all keep your momentum and skills sharp when you're not in the middle of a project?

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