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I am offering free online sessions to React beginners

Hello all!

So I’m giving away free online sessions to React beginners to provide some guidance.

I’ve been working with React and related technologies for 4+ years. The related technologies include Redux, GraphQL/Apollo, Webpack, Sass, and many more.

I used to be an interviewer at my previous job so I got the chance to interview around 100 devs. The interviews mostly covered topics from Javascript, React and Web Dev in general.

I’ll give away one session to 3 different people. Each session will include a mock interview and a Q&A section.

If you want to participate just follow me on Twitter and DM me telling your experience, what do you like about React or Web Dev in general and your goals as a Web Dev. Don’t forget to put a link to your blog or profile from StackOverflow, GitHub or

I’ll announce the 3 winners on Tuesday, April 7th and will DM each so we can schedule the session.

Why am I doing this? Well, now that we are spending more time at home due to COVID-19 I just thought it would be nice to chat with other devs, provide some help, do some networking, and also learn from them as well. This way we fight the isolation and create new connections.

Looking forward to meeting you.


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