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Scalable python SaaS backend?

Joey Defourneaux
Mercenary of 1’s and 0’s • Senior software engineer @ eFuse 💣( • Full stack developer
・1 min read

I have seen several of these boilerplate SaaS apps for Nodejs and php that provide a ready made framework with auth, payments, user management, etc... but I don’t know any for python. Is that something python devs or makers working with python devs would find useful and pay for?
Something that lets you skip the basics of app dev, let’s you get right to writing your app’s unique code, complete with user/payments/subscription management, auth, security, and docs on deploying and scaling on AWS or GCP using docker to scale automatically as needed.
I’m a software architect and have built several products that scaled to millions of requests per day, so I’ve done that part several times. Just trying to gauge interest/usefulness.

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