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What mistake did you make last week?

jcutrell profile image Jonathan Cutrell ・1 min read

Growth comes from failure, and failure is inevitable. Share your story of a recent failure, no matter the size. Other people need to hear about it!

You will probably get some encouragement along the way, and feel less vulnerable when you see that you're not alone in your mistakes.

Let's get honest with each other!

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Jonathan Cutrell Author

I'll start.

I let PRs sit for too long, and ended up spending a bunch of extra time resolving merge conflicts as a result. Next time, I will try to remember that merging as soon as practical means less work later.

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Quentin Caillaud
find . -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type d -newermt '2019-05-21 00:00' | xargs rm -r

In the wrong directory... Hopefully it was not on production environment, but still customer had access to it. Easily fixable but my heart skipped a beat when I realized that I instead of deleting a few pdf files that we had generated the same day, I had deleted the /src directory, so basically all the code, of our stage environment !

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Michael Jackson

I procrastinated. I have a lot I need to get done by this weekend (I'm learning React), but I spent the day at the beach surfingβ€”I mean, on the internet surfing. It wasn't the first time I've done this and it won't be the last, but I'm not afraid to admit that I need to do better, and reading is reigniting my spark to get started again.

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Marvin Kirkland • Edited

I'll mention a potential mistake I've been making in learning web dev. I realize some may disagree. I've been so enamored with all the technologies and wanting to learn them all right now. So, I've been taking on far more at one time than I should have been.

I'm taking a step back and am now going to focus on just one or two subjects at a time. I think I'll be able to learn more efficiently with this model. And I have plenty of time to practice what I learn. I hope this allows me to really understand what I'm learning. I like to dive deep.

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Peter Witham

Last week I upgraded some software on a personal project that I was getting ready to ship. I knew better, but it was one of those "well it's never been a problem before" moments.

Hours later of trying to downgrade my project files to make the older version of Unity happy I was back where I started but at least I was back.

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Ben Halpern

Git standup is great for this πŸ˜„

I made the mistake last week of making an adjustment to some of the JavaScript in DEV Connect, and then deciding not to go in that direction, but accidentally committing some of those changes in a PR anyway.

Because I had thought I didn't make the changes, I figured it was safe to push once tests passed rather than wait for a review. This change didn't break tests, but it did cause some edge case bugs.

It was a lesson in being more careful and not making too many assumptions.

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Florian Rand

I still get very pissed when I hear or read a bs post about design which in reality It isn't close to what designers really do or work with. It hurts me somehow the popular point of view about Design (which also is stupid on my side). I've let my temper go wild and now I have regrets. I always make the same mistake over and over 😣

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Mikael Klages

Not making a schedule for what to do at Nordic Game Conference, thus not having time to visit all the stands