What did you do last year that was a game changer in your coding journey?

jcsmileyjr profile image JC Smiley ・1 min read

The Code Connector community responded with these Wonderful Answers:

  1. https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/ It just isn’t that hard to be helpful to others when it comes to code, no matter what your experience is. It was a fulfilling experience that I want to continue doing more of.

  2. Worked with Ted Patterson to build a mobile application with React Native. This opened the world of mobile development to me.

  3. I bought a dev domain and started learning JavaScript/Node well enough to build a custom resume site. Bryan Robinson turned me on to 11ty and self hosting a blog. Since then I've published 21 posts with most of them already published on dev.to . Writing about my development journey and has led to me better understanding myself, my brand, and my value.

  4. Taught a boot-camp…One of the best decisions I ever made

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John Wright

Started doubting myself first before I tore into my teammates. Humility changed everything and ironically gave me true confidence and made me catch more of my bugs, move slowly, and know my code intimately. Also really learning sql and relational theory and just thinking about it.

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JC Smiley Author

I love that response of humility leading to learning your code intimately. That thought process will stick in my mind. Thank you for teaching me.