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What are some specific instances in your coding journey that helped build up your confidence?

jcsmileyjr profile image JC Smiley ・1 min read
  1. Created a personal project that was used by a co-worker. Helped host a tech meetup with several friends from my local tech community. Attended my first tech conference with a different friend new to the area. Getting a big hug from a boot-camp student after I helped solved a problem. If y'all notice a trend, nothing great happens without a great community.

  2. Getting that first dev job offer was a huge boost to my confidence. Getting my first real story at that job knocked said confidence back down to the ground

  3. When someone is facing issues that seem simple to me, but they are completely unaware of the solution. One such instance was with an app that was parsing XML and someone failed to handle namespace usages. The solution was to use a library to handle parsing.

  4. Getting my first pull request approved. I found some obscure behavior in the Python library for dealing with structured statistical data. This showed that I not only understood git and GitHub but that I was able to produce something of value for this huge project.

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