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Positive Thinking while Learning to Code

I had a conversation with my daughter about positive thinking and how what you read, see, and hear can positively or negatively affect you. This also apply to developers.

Think of how babies are full of energy. Their faces glow with delightful thoughts and the determination to explore. They are curious with the world around them and excited about the fun activities they plan to do. Their bodies respond to the happiness and curiosity with energy and growth.

I read once that the most dangerous place for someone is inside their own minds. If you think negative then your body will act negatively. It will slow down and feel tired. Like a crying baby you will eventually get tire, get sick, or go to sleep. As a developer you have to be like a child by finding wonder in the world, marvel at your ability to create with your mind, and be determined to explore technology.

What you are exposed to matters. If you only read, see, or hear negative then your physically body, emotional well-being, and spiritually self will respond like wise. Like a plant needs sunlight to grow a developer needs positive reinforcement to grow. Examples of reinforcement is attending tech meetups, reading blog post of success stories, and watching online tech conference. Surrounding yourself with happy people willing to teach and help others can inspire you to find happiness in the world.

A guru in my tech community stated the voice we will hear more than any other our entire lives is our own voice. So be careful how you talk to yourself. He said to imagine if you had an IDE, and every time you save a file, compile, test run, it deletes a character. That's what an internal negative voice is like. It slowly takes away your happiness.

Positive thinking starts with us telling ourselves positive thoughts, interacting and seeking a positive world, and removing negative from our life.

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