How to authentically show you are the right fit for a role on your resume or in the job interview?

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  1. Know what is important to you. You can't know what is a good fit if you aren't conscious of what your priorities are.Tune your resume to the job's description based on your experiences.

  2. If work/life balance is super important and you have a job offering you a lot of money but expects 70 hr work weeks; just know that you won't get work/life balance, but you will get paid a lot. It is all about what works best for you and yours.

  3. If you're passionate about programming and getting a job as a programmer, then your activities, social media, website, and the things you talk about in a conversation should speak for themselves. You still need to be able to hold your own in a conversation about the things you're learning. If I'm hiring for React, I'll take one person who can “talk shop” about how they feel about hooks and show me some examples on GitHub than 50 people who just say “I'm learning React”.

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Wonderful advice JC 😇