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How do you stay inspired, motivated, and productive while living in a super active home?

jcsmileyjr profile image JC Smiley ・1 min read
  1. Realize some days will be more than others so try to adjust your estimations. Designate routine & area as much as possible. Shifting your hours to when no one is awake helps.

  2. Anything you can do to train your brain to know 'this is work time' will be beneficial. Specifically regarding the current work from home scenario, keep your routine as close to the 'in office' version of work will be helpful.

  3. It is a 100% must that at certain times you can't be interrupted. Cooperation from the family is required.

  4. A busy home means that I don't have ultimate control. Writing code has taken the place of writing poetry for me. There is beauty that can exist in both the form and the content.

  5. My home is a cyclone of destruction and non-stop emotional outbursts. I stay inspired by building things that catches my family attention and motivated by knowing that a better tech job will support my family.

  6. My house is super active. I have very big goals that I am very attracted to reaching. My goals excite me so it doesn't feel hard to want to work for it.

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Alexandru-Dan Pop

I liked the not being interrupted rule in certain hours. Also keeping it as office-like as possible.

I also wrote an article on this:

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This Dot Media

Really great advice JC! Especially during these times. Thanks so much for sharing πŸ™

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JC Smiley Author

Your welcome.

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aza profile image

I would also add: lock your room and have noise cancelling headsets.
(sometimes pretending that you are dead helps too).

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