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Discussion on: How to organize a project from start to finish.

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JC Smiley Author • Edited

I should have stated that the article is primary for beginners. With aspiring developers in mind a project should focus on learning one thing at a time so as not to get overwhelm. You don't have to build everything from scratch. I think that gradual learning experience is important and crucial for long term growth.

With that said, if you want to build everything from scratch you can. The only issue is that the project will take a long time and the chances of not finishing increases.

Yes there is packages for everything and that is a great thing. If a component of your project is beyond your skill set, you can grab a pre-made component to complete the project. On the next project, you can focus on that missing skill set and learn how to build that component from scratch. Examples are if you don't know how to authenticate users and etc., you can use Auth0 services for now.