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All my heroes start early

Its 5am and I noticed through social media that my heroes were already up and active. They were creating content, sharing resources, and learning. This got me thinking if this was a common theme among high performers.

  1. James Quick was answering questions to strangers on his Learn Build Teach Discord. In the few years I have followed Mr. Quick I've watched him teach students at a tech boot-camp, teach coders on his Twitch channel, and actively help developers on Twitter. This consistent action of teaching has led to such jobs like a developer advocate for Auth0 (3rd party tool providing Authentication & Authorization as a service) and lead developer at FedEx (multinational delivery services).

  2. Danny Thompson famously wakes up at 4am each day to study and learn. In the past year he went from boot camp student to public speaker, conference founder, and meetup organizer. He consistently focused on using social media and his opportunities to speak to help developers find learning resources.

  3. Lawrence Lockhart was posting content and sharing resources on the Code Connector Slack channel. Every day, he has been consistently posting free tech conferences, webinars, and virtual events so that everyone will have the chance to learn. I'm positive this system of searching for structure quality learning was instrumental in him going becoming an accomplished developer and a respected leader in the local tech community.

The one thing I found in common with all three is that they prioritize these goals: learning, teaching, and sharing. Their success isn't left to chance but to hard work, passion, and consistency.

This is what I do:

  • I'm a front end developer learning React for web apps, React Native for mobile apps, and building API services using server-less web services like Netlify.
  • In the past few months I have developed Level Up Dev (mobile app publish to Google Play store), Code Connector Meetup Calendar (publish Google Chrome extension), and helped build VEVA.AI (web application to help user learn more efficiently).
  • I am sharing my journey into tech on, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Code Connector Slack channel .

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Corey McCarty

Just keep moving. I'm so proud to be a part of this Code Connector community. This is really something special. So many awesome people that are interested in helping others get going. I love seeing you guys show up in various communities and seeing other people get to experience that positivity and uplifting that we have every day.

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Lawrence Lockhart

Yeah. What Corey said. Yeah!!