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Discussion on: Learn Web Development for Free

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John Copella

Great work, Min, and a very comprehensive curriculum -- I think it meets the goals you set out for it admirably well. Do you think there's a place for a "Software Engineering fundamentals" course or tutorial among all of the platform tech that's spelled out here? (btw, I don't have a specific YT channel or online tutorial to recommend for this -- I've looked for one in the past but never found anything well-suited. Something like "Uncle Bob" Martin for beginners... alas, it's nowhere in sight)

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Min Author

Haven't really looked into it. But for such heavy-duty stuff I'd turn to edX, Coursera, and maybe Udacity, though they'd come at a small cost. I would also look at a selection of university websites to see what a typical software engineering degree covers to compare with what is available via MOOCs.