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Discussion on: For standing desk owners, how do you manage your sit/stand schedule?

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John Colagioia

I tend to find it more comfortable to just stand, strange as it sounds. As long as I don't lock my knees and can move around a couple of times an hour, it's not nearly as tiring as it sounds. However, that may partly be because of my build, since I've had colleagues who have tried (some of whom spent years in the military and so were in far better shape than I am) and couldn't stand for much more than a few minutes at a time.

Those cushioned "anti-fatigue" mats are much more useful than they look, by the way, though they're uncomfortably warm in the summer. It also helps a lot to have something to occasionally lean back against, like a wall or a cabinet; I've also heard of (but never seen) "standing chairs," which are apparently something like a bicycle seat on a pipe, which would also take care of the leaning.

On calls, I generally pace. It keeps my legs from getting used to one position and also keeps me from ignoring the call for literally anything else I could be doing at the computer...