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Discussion on: What are your non-tech interests/hobbies? 🏝

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Jonathan Kuhl

I like to write, the problem is, I'm good at characters, small scenes, and dialogue, but have a hard time with plot. I have multiple ideas floating around and attempt NaNoWriMo each year (haven't won since 2014.)

I also do a lot of world building. I took a lot of inspiration from Tolkien, David Eddings, Robert Jordan for fantasy. And Mass Effect, Destiny, Star Wars, for Sci-fi.

Also like video games. The Mass Effect Trilogy is by far my favorite video game, hands down. I can't think of a single movie, book, game, TV show, etc that has elicited literally all of my emotions as well as the ME trilogy did. I laughed, I got angry, I . . . well . . . there was a lot of dust in my room for some reason at certain times that may or may not have coincidentally been sad or uplifting moments . . .