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re: Why I Switched From Visual Studio Code To JetBrains WebStorm VIEW POST

re: I am too lazy to read configuration options and search for good free extensions so I am switching back to an expensive ide that has everything pres...

Really don't understand the flaming here. I like vscode a lot but y'all are taking this personally in such a silly way


I wouldn't call it flaming as in my daily work I use both of them. Just felt that while your article has it good points against vscode and for webstorm, it kinds of feels like a comparison that should not have been there in the first place. I understand where you are coming from, and that the other comments may me too harsh, personally it is just some naughty jab at the actual flaming comments. Sorry if you felt like I was flaming

just FYI but I didn't write the article. I'm just commenting on the story.

Oops I though you were op, wasn't really awake yesterday but well comment still stands

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