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Planning a JavaScript conference in only 10 weeks — Part 3

J.C. Hiatt
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In case you missed it, this post is part of a series of updates I've been giving about MagnoliaJS, the conference I'm planning in only 10 weeks.

You can read last week's update here, and you can read the backstory here.

Here's how last week went!

I was able to secure a couple of additional sponsors. To date, our sponsors are:

There's still a few companies out there I've spoken with — hoping they come through! If you would like to sponsor this awesome conference, check out

I also went full on open source with the planning — moving all my high-level todos to the Github repo. HUGE shoutouts to Levi Robertson for helping get the speakers page on the website, Natalie Thomas for designing some awesome t-shirts and signage, and Jalen Davenport for volunteering to design speaker cards for Twitter!

I made some customizations to our event page on Tito so it was clearer who the speaker lineup was, and I also announced workshops!

I finalized the contract with the photographer and also booked the emcee for our event, Kenneth LaFrance, who came highly recommended.

The CFP closed, and now there's 68 submissions for me to go through! Not bad considering it was only open a couple of weeks and nobody had heard of this conference before!

Here's some stats from the past 3 weeks:

  • Talk submissions: 68
  • Tickets sold: 50 (more expected this week when I start promoting more)
  • Money raised: $10,500
  • Twitter followers: 153

Up next

Check out the Github repo to see what's up next!

How you can help

The best way to help is by buying a ticket! Early Bird is available for a few more days! Even if you can't make it, you can buy a ticket for someone who wants to attend but can't afford it. Just DM me on Twitter for more info!

The next best thing is helping to spread the word! Follow @MagnoliaJSconf on Twitter and share anything you see — that's sooo helpful!


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