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Forming a programming career

Being a computer science student is kinda hard, not because the classes, but because I'm completely lost in what I want to do with my professional live after university. And when I say lost... I REALLY mean it.

I am currently working in web. We are asked to do both front and back end. We use JavaScript, C# WebServices and SqlServer. I just love doing C# and SQL, but I really hate the JavaScript/jQuery/Angular/CSS/HTML part which is like the 70% of work that I have.

I am afraid of getting stuck in this situation. I really like programming in C, C++, Java, C++, Sql, doing Arduino proyects, learning about algorithms, AI and I currently signed up for an Assembly class in the University. I just cant imagine my future doing web programming.

I just don't know where to start to start doing what I like. What type of career should I start forming?

I would love to read personal experiences from you guys. Thanks for reading.

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Jesus Urias

It looks that you really enjoy doing backend, so the best way to follow your career is doing what you really like, there are many job offers in the technologies or field that you have experience, I know that in Mexico sometimes is hard to get a good job where you only do what you really like, but isn't impossible.

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Lorenzo Pasqualis

You don't have to be stuck in any situation you don't like. It sounds like you like back-end work. That's great! There are many career paths in that area. When you start looking for jobs, make sure to make it clear that back end is what you like to work on.
You also don't have to work on web applications. You may want to look into desktop application development, or mobile development, or embedded development.
If it helps, I recently wrote a blog post on the topic. It is a high-level view of the many types of developers and an idea of what they do. it is titled 19 types of developers, explained. Hope you'll find it useful.

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Carlos García

Thank you for the comment! I read the blog post, it was very useful! Yeah, I think that maybe my thing is back-end and desktop development.