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Discussion on: I am a Mexican Software Developer & Senior CS student, Ask Me Anything!

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Carlos García Ask Me Anything

Yes and No.

Language is definitely a barrier, learning programming without knowing how to speak English is a difficult task because the majority of online resources are in English.

Is it possible to learn programming without English? Yes it is, in fact, I have a classmate that literally hates English, he just can't learn it, it is not his thing. He, as me, is in last semester of CS, studying from books and sites written in Spanish. It was more difficult for him, but he made it.

Here in Mexico, we recognize that learning English is a very important task to 'survive' because when you know a language besides Spanish, your CV gets a boost. I am in the north of Mexico (a very industrialized part of the country), so, at least here everyone takes too serious the fact of learning English, German or even Chinese. Central part of Mx is not like this, but people still tries to learn English.

So you can learn programming 100% in Spanish but you are losing a lot of great content in English, content that can make you a better programmer.

I feel like a lot of the English speakers don't have the same interest as we to learn the language of the other side. It is so nice to read that you are working in your Spanish just to translate your documentation, I am sure that a lot of persons will appreciate that!

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Ian Knighton

I'm a third generation American. My grandma's first language was Spanish and I don't think she learned English until she was in her late teens. She always seemed to fill like she was somewhat limited in life because of that fact, so I've always had an interest in trying to learn the language and see if I could apply that knowledge to helping with something I know a lot about.

I've been glad to see a couple native Spanish speakers pop up on here in the last few days. Maybe one of these days you can slog through my broken translations. :)

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Carlos García Ask Me Anything

I am glad to hear that we are welcomed here. Maybe I should consider to write some posts here in Spanish, it would be interesting!

And yes, of course, I would be glad and happy to help with the translations:)