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Discussion on: On Tech Blogging: If You Write It, They Will Come

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Jordi Cabot

I'm now at over 1000 users/day in my two main blogs (one in English and one in Spanish). The English one took much longer than the Spanish one to reach that number. In fact, it took several years (been blogging about software /design modeling in since 2009).

So, it indeed takes time, patience and consistency. Another important pattern I noticed is that both blogs follow the "80/20 rule" (well, more even the 95/5): a few key posts bring more than 80% of the traffic.

This is somehow disappointing (it was never on purpose and I put a lot of attention in many of the posts I write) but at the same time it also tells you that the best predictor of success is to keep trying. You never know if your next post will become one of those and create a jump in your traffic.

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Nick Scialli (he/him) Author

That's really awesome insight and congratulations on those numbers!

I too have noticed that a few of my posts drive the vast majority of traffic. It seems like there are a couple posts that somehow do very well with Google Search placement.