re: “DevOps engineer” is really just a title used to hire sysadmins? VIEW POST


In my experience, anything with “ops” in the title will have Ops work be the overwhelming majority of the work.

As a ProdDev person, writing scripts is not even close to what my passion for development demands. DevOps centered orgs seem to rarely be interested in investing in building real tools, much less proper requirements gathering and modern project management.

Sure, I bet there are unicorns out there, but for now I’m trying to get back to pure development. With the advent of serverless native services, the amount of operations I need to worry about is shrinking. (Also, CRUD work is getting less and less justifiable as being worthy of dev time, so there are fewer pure coding positions these days.)


I saw in one Reddit discussion a senior guy saying 'DevOps is infra as code, so it’s devs solving ops problems. What's your view on that.

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