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Discussion on: What sport/physical activity would you recommend to someone who's not super sporty by nature?

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Jennifer Bradford

There are kick ball leagues in some towns. Disc golf is available in a lot of parks. Kayaking on a pond or calm stream is peaceful and only as strenuous as you want it to be. Every state park I've heard of has trails you can hike. Yoga counts as cardio, stretching, and strength training all at once and wraps up with a nap. If you don't have time to bike outside, there are resistance pedals you can keep under your desk and "bike" there. Trampoline parks are fun but would be awkward to go to without kids so if you don't have any of your own, borrow a niece or nephew. Pickle ball is not just for retirees, it's really fun and basically wiffle tennis.

Check out the state park where you live. They almost certainly have something that will get your attention enough to get you outside. A lot of them have programs where you get a list of locations to go find and get a prize when you find them all. It's a fun way to trick yourself into hiking