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What's New in Angular 18: Key Features and Updates

Angular 18 marks a major milestone with numerous enhancements and new features designed to improve speed, capabilities, and ease of development for Angular applications. Here are the key updates you need to know about in Angular 18.

  • TypeScript 5.4 support
  • Defer views (lazy loading of dependencies) moved from developer preview to stable stage
  • Route redirects with functions: more flexible and opens up new possibilities in routing management
  • New redirect command: enhances redirection capabilities within guards and resolvers
  • Zone-less change detection: change detection operates independently without intermediaries like zone.js
  • Template local variable with @let block
  • Core improvements: ongoing efforts to refine change detection, rendering, and dependency injection
  • Enhanced Angular DevTools: various enhancements to debugging tools for simplifying the debugging process
  • Improved forms API: several upgrades to streamline form creation and validation
  • Upgraded in-template API: simplifies template creation and utilization
  • Support for web components
  • Enhanced internationalization capabilities
  • Introduction of a new router API

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rakiabensassi profile image
Rakia Ben Sassi

In the official "Angular Update Guide," it's mentioned that we need to "Update TypeScript to versions 5.4 or newer" in order to upgrade to Angular 18.

Even Angular v17 supports TypeScript version 5.2 or later.

So how where does the information "Angular 18 supports TypeScript 4.7" come from?

suneeh profile image

Pretty sure they misread that. Angular changelogs say they do NOT support 4.7 anymore.

rakiabensassi profile image
Rakia Ben Sassi

There are actually a bunch of online articles about Angular 18, mentioning the support of TypeScript 4.7 in Angular 18.
I suspect that this mistake was made just by the author of the first article. The other ones are just copy/pasting without checking the facts.

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jaypansuriya profile image

Yes, you are right about the typescript part. Thank you for mentioning it!