Discussion on: Sorbetting a gem, or the story of the first adoption

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Totally disagree that type checking helps with refactoring. My experience with Java and C# is exactly the opposite. It becomes a large pain to either a) need to change the param of a method to a different type or b) add a parameter to an existing method. Yes tools like resharper help, but most of the time you play compiler jujutsu trying to find just the right generic or whatever type necessary to satisfy all your existing code.

These changes become more cumbersome to implement. Duck typing allows these kind of changes with ease, and ruby method signatures are usually pretty flexible with keyword args, option splats etc being common.

I think we’ll tested systems mean type checking is totally superfluous. I moved to ruby from a C# /Java background and I have not missed types/generics one iota in Ruby. Keep ruby ducky :)