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Making a Card API Project | Day 17

This a An Exercise Problem From the Colt Steele React Course

Problem Statement ->
Build an app that displays a deck of cards, one card at a time. When the page loads, send a request to to create a new deck. Store the Deck ID it gives you, so you can make further requests to retreive each card image. Add a button to your app that allows a user to draw a new card.

When a user clicks the button, send another request to the API, this time to${deck_id}/draw/. (make sure to use your actual deck ID). Use the data included in the response to display a new card image, and make sure to include an informative alt attribute.

Every time the user clicks, the app should display a new card until the deck is empty. Make sure to tell the user there are no cards left!

Here’s how this might look (with styling added):

Cards Project

This app Consists of 3 Component App,Deck,Cards
Deck Component is Stateful and stores all the State and pass it to the Cards using the Props.

Solution πŸ‘‡

Happy Coding πŸ™‚

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