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The late 70s early 80s, the 'hobbyist' era, the birth of the personal computer (Apple, PC and a host of others) and its surrounding nascent software "industry", the early internet scene (Whole Earth 'lectronic link anyone?), the innovations coming out of XEROX PARC (ethernet, the mouse, windowed OS, etc.), BYTE magazine, the 1st golden age of gaming consoles, etc.

So much stuff happening back then.


Was there. It wasn't great. Token ring? AUI intefaces? Thick-net and vampire taps? Having to dick with gateway systems and encapsulation snafus because some systems spoke TCP, some spoke SNA, others spoke yet more protocols? Having to deal with SLIP connections? I would never go back to that. Ugh.

Only good part about that time was if you were a prankster. Security was pretty much non-existent.

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