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Introduction to "Grokking the SQL Interview" for Developers

Hello Devs, I am feeling proud and excited to share the news with you all that my new book, "Grokking the SQL Interview"**, which I announced 2 years back is now released. Programmers, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, QA, Business Analyst, and Junior DBAs can use this book to prepare for SQL question on tech interviews. 

If you follow me on Twitter then you know that it's been more than 2 years since I launched this book on 21st June 2021 but it took a long time coming.

Here is the first tweet I made about this book 2 years ago for remember:

how to crack SQL Interview

It's finally available now after 2 years of waiting and you can purchase it now on Gumroad for a special **price of just $10.95 (original price $21.90).

I thought about this book 2 years ago on June 24, 2021, and it took really long to work on this as I tried to make it as perfect as possible.

best book for SQL Interview

What is Covered in Grokking the SQL Interview?

The book follows the same format as my previous Grokking the Java Interview and Grokking the Spring Boot Interview and tries to teach you SQL by interview questions. This is primarily for people who want to prepare for SQL questions like programmers, data scientist, IT support, BA, QA, or anyone who need to answer SQL questions in interviews.

It covers the following topics:

This book contains frequently asked Java questions from essential topics like

1. SQL and Database Phone interview questions

2. Joins in SQL

3. SQL Query Questions

4. Indexes

5. Group by and Aggregation

6. SQL Date and Time Questions

7. Stored Procedures

8. Triggers and Views

9. Transactions

10. Window Function and CTE

11. Deep Dive on popular SQL Questions

You can see that the topic has expanded since my first tweet, as I tried to cover a few more things to make it complete.

For now, you can grab your copy for a big 50% discount,

Here is the link - 50% OFF on Grokking the SQL Interview

Is Grokking the SQL Interview worth it

Why you need a book on SQL Interview Questions?

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a fundamental skill for roles spanning Quality Assurance, Business Analysis, Data Science, Programming, Database Administration, and more.  That's why you will always find SQL related questions like how index work? difference between index seek and index scan during tech interviews.

While a SQL primer book is good for learning SQL commands they generally not cover the type of concepts asked on interviews. A specialized book like 'Grokking the SQL Interview' serves as a valuable resource to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical interview scenarios.

This book addresses the unique challenges candidates face during SQL interviews by presenting a curated collection of frequently asked questions. It goes beyond rote memorization, offering in-depth explanations and insights into essential SQL topics.

By familiarizing readers with a wide spectrum of SQL concepts such as Joins, Aggregation, Indexing, and Transaction Management, this book cultivates proficiency and confidence. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the field, this book paves the way for mastering SQL interview dynamics and securing coveted roles

I have included many popular SQL questions like difference between WHERE and HAVING clause, difference between UNION and UNION ALL, and ROW_NUMBER vs RANK vs DEEP_RANK() in this book. It even contains deep dive into popular questions where you will learn in-depth like shown below:

SQL Interview Questions for developers

Who is this book for?

Grokking the SQL Interview is for anyone who needs to answer SQL questions on interviews. This includes Quality Assurance professionals, Automation Testers, Business Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Programmers, Developers, and Database Administrators.

This comprehensive guide addresses the needs of those seeking success in SQL interviews by delving into a wide array of essential topics.

From foundational concepts like SQL and database phone interview questions, to advanced subjects such as Joins, Indexes, Group by and Aggregation, Stored Procedures, and Window Functions, this book equips readers with the knowledge to tackle interviews confidently.

With an expanded scope covering transaction handling, triggers, views, and popular SQL inquiries, this book ensures a holistic preparation experience

best book for SQL interviews

That's all about Grokking the SQL Interview book for Developers. I really hope that this book helps you in your journey of cracking your next developer interview. If you have any questions feel free to ask you can also follow me on Twitter for updates.

All the best

P.S. - For next 5 days you can grab this book for 50% discount, just use coupon code friends50 or click this link to grab your copy for 50% OFF.

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