How to become an Oracle Certified Java Professional

javinpaul on April 17, 2019

Oracle's Java certifications are highly regarded in the IT Industry and provide recognition to a Java developer worldwide. It helps you to find a ... [Read Full]
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As a long time TL and engineering (hiring) manager I pay exactly zero attention to such certificates and so did every single company I worked and hired for and so did every other colleague of mine looking for engineers. If you really have nothing else to show that makes you stand out contributing to open source is still going to have a higher impact than this certificate. Your choice how you invest your time.


Hello @oleg , you may be right, as there are different opinions, some value certificaitons, some not. For me, apart from tangible recognition, the intangible benefit is much more. I learned Java better when I prepared for my Sun certification long back. I got to learn things which I would have not learned for years if I haven't gone for certification. So, I highly regard the certification. It's one step towards mastering your skill.


Nice Article Javin...

As someone who has a Java 7 Oracle Certificate, IMHO with Oracle ending support for Java 8 and moving to a more 6-month release cycle and more people switching over to OpenJDK, I just don't know if it's worth spending money on these exams anymore. Unless your interested in the basic Java exam or your company is paying for the exam I say stay away they don't hold the weight they used to have. But the exam books are really good reference material.


If your company is paying then its best to use that money. Actually my main motivation was that when I did mine :-) more than 10 years ago. But, after doing certifications I realize they are complete worth of your time and money. You learn a lot while preparing for certification that helps in Job interviews and your day to day job. I actually come out as better a Java programmer after passing my certification.

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