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re: Top 10 Most Popular Programming languages and their Creators VIEW POST

re: Is Pascal still around? I know there's Delphi, based on Object Pascal (since core Pascal and the Turbo compiler/IDE were purely imperative) which I...

Yes, It's still around, just like Mainframes but only on legacy applications.


but popular though? Over c# and other languages like go, etc...? There's no way.

Probably not now, though yeah, claims like 'most popular' sound like cheap clickbait when lacking some metric to measure the claim.
Maybe these languages were most popular, historically, a couple of decades ago.
But it is difficult to quantify. Today I would disqualify Perl, C, Lisp and Pascal based on stsckoverflow questions.
Also, today we have more people in programming that at any other point in history, learning any number of modern languages.

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