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Discussion on: What do you guys think about Microsoft buying GitHub?

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It's cool - Microsoft has produced some awesome stuff such as VSCode that I just love. Time will tell - and really for me, it doesn't change much, I'll continue to use it. Microsoft acquiring Github could really be a right step in the direction for a major corporation to invest in an open source hub and tool. I use Bitbucket for private repos - and I haven't tried out Gitlab yet.

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Alex Gwartney Author

Never really thought of using Bitbucket for private repos. All though I can just sign up for the student package and get free private repos. Also I just hope Microsoft does not change the way github works. As far as keeping things free ect. I personally wont leave for gitlab. As I just see that as a waste of energy. Unless I absolutely need to. Especially since I have my environments already set up for every thing.