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Cascading Coder's Creative Code Challenge: Emojis

Hello all!

I invite you to participate in Cascading Coder's new creative code challenge!
What up pure CSS? I'm looking at you.

All the details you need are below:



If you're curious about who, what, why, huh.... details are below (but should you want to stop reading, that's cool, everything you need to join in on the creative code challenge fun is above).


One of the first reasons I began coding (2013) was because I wanted to animate and create interactive experiences! I thought anything that moved on the screen was awesome!

You have to admit, when you visit websites that have cute, subtle animations or full-immersive experiences with 3D objects - you may find yourself smiling, wow'd, amazed...all of the above? I certainly do. And if you haven't come across anything, let's fix that, check out anything from awwwards.

If you're like me, when you see these sites, you wonder, how in the hell did anyone make this. Digging around you find that maybe these sites use canvas, three.js, pixiJS, Greensock, or maybe a combination of them all. Still, to jump into something like an experimental site takes time, trial-and-error, experience, planned thought, and can feel daunting. I have also found that there is a steep learning curve and not a whole ton of resources (besides documentation)! Though, folks like ๐Ÿš‚Dan Shiffman from The Coding Train๐Ÿš‚ sure do break barriers by teaching fundamentals, having fun, and create interesting and creative projects with P5.js.๐Ÿฆ„

By taking small steps towards the bigger picture, can you make progress. Creative code can be exhilarating experiences for the user. And, as a developer, creative code projects will absolutely assist you in your growth - CSS and JavaScript, all while demystifying that sector a bit, or taking the steps to have the courage to.

๐ŸŽจCascading Coders๐ŸŽจ

I founded a group called Cascading Coders back when I was enrolled in Udacity's Google Scholarship 2018 program. At this point, I had been developing for a few years now and knew that I would be among new developers who more than likely had not heard about creative code or what that is. I found it an opportunity to share and give back, and that's important to me because I wouldn't have the career that I do if it weren't for our community and producing tutorials for free. During that time, creative code challenges were often voted on from suggested topics from the community. There was quite a bit of momentum within that group! We held everything from dino to taco challenges with CSS and/or SVG, and it was a blast!

When the first phase of the scholarship ended, I brought Cascading Coders out into the world! Oooh look, on March 5th 2018! 'Ello World!

In June 2018, I landed my first developer job after 3 years of learning from non-traditional sources online! During that time (and really up until now) Cascading Coders took the back burner, because I needed to adjust to full-time work life and gym life (I began powerlifting around that time you even lift bro? why yes, yes I do).

It's my goal now to grow the community and help developers to expand their portfolio...and just have fun while gaining more skills along the way. When is the last time you created something out of pure joy, with no motives other than to code for fun? I know with dev jobs, it can be the last thing you want to do when you get home or off of work. So I do hope, that this group can serve as a way to fall in love with code again, or pick up a new skill. I hope it can respark joy to learn in public, and that you explore an area fearlessly and make mistakes, and come out with something to share with the world.๐Ÿ’œ

About Cascading Coders:

We're a welcoming community of developers of all skill levels who have a love or interest in creative code. Even if you've never heard of it before or it sounds intimidating - this is the place for you!

From CSS web animation to experimenting with HTML5 Canvas, code is art and a means of self-expression that can be translated into effective UI/UX and bring about unforgettable experiences and interaction to the web. We curate content/resources, hold CSS/SVG art (creative code) challenges, and inspire each other to become better Cascading Coders!

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Blair McKee

I love it! I've needed something like this in my life. It's so rare that I get to apply what I know to something creative (and just with CSS).

javascripterika profile image
JavaScriptErika Author

Awesome, thank you Blair - I can't wait to see your emoji creation! :)