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Getting Started with Docker

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Docker is everywhere but maybe you aren't quite up to speed yet. You can talk about it or at least fake your way through a conversation but you haven't had time to get started actually using it yet. If that sounds like you, this is your session. We will walk through Docker from the beginning. Don't be fooled though. This isn't a PowerPoint session. We won't be doing fun pictures and abstract concepts. We will be taking code and putting it into containers. Then we will look at how to use those containers, how to communicate with them, how to manage them, and more. After we cover the basics, we will get into orchestration and other more complicated topics. While this is a language-agnostic talk, we will use the Visual Studio tools for some sites and situations.


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Rémi Lavedrine

Indeed, the sound is not good at all.
Which makes the video very unpleasant to listen (I didn't listen to it all, it was too annoying for me).